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Greg Camilli

Professor, Graduate School of Education, Rutgers

Gregory Camilli is a professor in the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers University. He also serves as the coordinator for the program in Educational Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation. Camilli and his colleagues develop and apply empirical methods in research focusing on issues in education and educational policy, with special emphasis on student achievement. For more information, see his bio and curriculum vitae (link).

Greg Camilli
Rutgers Graduate School of Education
Educational Policy and Assessment

I am a professor in Rutgers Graduate School of Education in the Educational Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation program. I conduct research in issues at the intersection of equity, student assessment, and large-scale processes affecting student achievement. An good example of my work in equity is given by the paper Is There a Mismatch Effect in Law School, Why Might It Arise, and What Would It Mean? I am a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association, a Fellow of the National Education Policy Center, and former editor of Educational Researcher.

I have also conducted meta-analyses and related research in early reading (Teaching Children to Read: The Fragile Link Between Science & Federal Education Policy) and early education interventions (Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Early Education Interventions on Cognitive and Social Development). My recent work in mathematics achievement has been supported by the National Science Foundation (Principal Investigator, Development and Application of a Multilevel Evaluation Procedure for Examining State and School Educational Contexts with NAEP).

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