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Greg Camilli: Downloadable Publications

Camilli, G., Vargas, S., Ryan, S. & Barnett, W.S. (2010). A meta-analysis of the effects of early education interventions on cognitive development. Teachers College Record, 112 (3), 579-620. pdf

Camilli, G., Vargas, S., and Yurecko, M. (May 8, 2003). Teaching Children to Read: The fragile link between science and federal education policy. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 11(15). pdf

Camilli, G. & Welner, K.G. (2011). Is There a Mismatch Effect in Law School, Why Might it Arise, and What Would It Mean? Journal of College and University Law, 37, 491-528. pdf

Camilli, G. & Fox, J.-P. (in press). An Aggregate IRT Procedure for Exploratory Factor Analysis. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics. doi:10.3102/1076998615589185.  The final, definitive version is available at pdf

Camilli, G. (2013). Ongoing issues in test fairness. Educational Research and Evaluation: An International Journal on Theory and Practice, 19 (2-3), 104-120. doi:10.1080/13803611.2013.767602

Camilli, G. (2006). Review of Failing grades: The federal politics of education standards by Kevin R. Kosar. Education Review. pdf

Camilli, G. (2011 November 23) Review of Methods Matter by Richard J. Murname & John B. Willett. Education Review, 14. pdf

Camilli, G. (2013). Review of “KIPP Middle Schools: Impacts on Achievement and Other Outcomes.” Boulder, CO: National Education Policy Center. pdf


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